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Revel 9

AMERICA NORTH: USA: New York (NY) / Rock & Roll

Considering their loyal fan base, popularity among Northeast promoters and the success of their last indiealbum She Sells Smiles, the easiest thing for Long Island powerhouse Gee Davey to do would be to justgo along... More..

Susannah Blinkoff

AMERICA NORTH: USA:California (CA) / Rock & Roll

Let’s Pretend is a rock-pop album bright with energy and sweet rhythms lead by a female voice that takes you prisoner for the length of the recording. Susannah has an articulate and sensual vocal style the fits... More..

Diablo Royale

AMERICA NORTH: USA:New York (NY) / Hard Rock

Gritty, Hard-Hitting Rock N’ Roll…that's the jam that NYC hard rock quintet Diablo Royale kicks out. The band's music aims to encompass "real-life" experiences and situations that can range anywhere from... More..

Black Bone Child

AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX) / Rock & Roll

Black Bone Child gives an exciting fresh take on slide guitar and driving distorted bass lines. This energetic and rhythmically based rock is sure to keep the dance floors packed and listeners hanging on every note.... More..

Natalie Janssen

AMERICA NORTH: USA:California (CA) / Acoustic

Proudly NOT Hip Hop. The Jazzy-Country stain in the indie-rock genre. If the music of Jewel, Fiona Apple, The Dixie Chicks, and Alanis Morissette merged you would have Natalie Janssen. The biggest question I get... More..

The C Elliott Project

AMERICA NORTH: USA: Nevada (NV) / Alternative

So, anyway, this is a little about who I am. This is not your "I wanna be a star or wanna make you think I'm a star" artist bio. It's real.Born in Hawaii. Raised in Montana. I attended UNLV and after spending lots of... More..

Sky Rats

EUROPE: United Kingdom :England / Classic Rock

"Raised to the Ground" by Sky Rats is a grit filled rock album with hints of ska here and there. It features Rob Thomas meets Dave Grohl type vocals, a tight rhythm section and catchy melodies. The... More..

Lee Alexander

AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX) / Alternative

Drawing from an influential palette of Elvis Costello, Steve Earl, and The Beatles, Texas singer-songwriter Lee Alexander offers no apologies on his debut release, Out of Place. Biting satire is sprinkled throughout... More..

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